• Lisa Marking

    Lisa Marking

    Someone with a sarcastic sense of humor who loves a good book, creative writing, watching and discuss sports, and travel.

  • Hauvu


  • Olivia Wilkinson

    Olivia Wilkinson

    Travel enthusiast.

  • Sedem Anyiri

    Sedem Anyiri

    Avid Sixers fan and sports journalism fanatic.

  • Victoria Otto Franzese

    Victoria Otto Franzese

    Writer, Floridian/New Yorker, mom, owner of a Goldendoodle named Jenkins. Ran an online travel guide; now travels for fun. amazon.com/author/victoriafranzese

  • Jason NRL

    Jason NRL

  • Connor Groel

    Connor Groel

    Sportswriter. Researcher @NFL. Host of the Slept On Sports podcast. Relentlessly curious. My book: amzn.to/398nYk6.

  • MaryRose Denton

    MaryRose Denton

    Writer/Speaker/Advocate, Come join me as I make a life by doing something with total love & pure soul. maryrosedentonwriter.com or maryrosedenton8@gmail.com.

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